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New York's Premier Ticket Concierge

Are you a concierge? Then you are the key to the City. And we're here to help you unlock Broadway, Sports, Concerts and more for your guests. 

We're not like other ticket brokers. Our first priority is making everything simple and easy for you and your clients. That's why our invoices are emailed; no more awkward reading credit card info over the phone. We can also take fulfillment off your plate and send tickets directly to your guests, at your request.

Tickets have gone digital and we make sure your guests' tickets are safe, secure and ready to go for the show. Located in the heart of Times Square, we're always right around the corner and available to assist whenever necessary.

We strive to make earning with us as simple and lucrative as possible. That's why every quote we give has a built in commission for you. No more having to do the math in your head on the fly.

We also give your guests the opportunity to reward your excellent service with gratuity directly on their credit card. 100% of tips go to you and are delivered with commissions ever week.

We're flexible, so if you'd like to adjust your commission, you can do so on a sale-to-sale basis. You can earn as much as you'd like.

Contact us today, and start earning right away!